Baby Taylor Happy ..

Today is Natalia's father's birthday. Natalia's father has to go out to work dur [...]

Baby Adopter

You will get a cute baby! Are you scared? haha, don't be afraid, you will adopt [...]

Untangled 3D

Untangled 3d is a very interesting 3D game to untie the rope. In this game, play [...]

Knife Hit Up

Do you like different kinds of delicious fruits? If your answer is yes, join us [...]

Fruit Master

Young ninjas hide in the fast-growing world of modern times and even drink juice [...]


Slices is a simple and addictive alternative jigsaw puzzle game, you need to con [...]

Pineapple Pen 2

Play the second Sequel of the hottest arcade game, named Pineapple Pen 2. The op [...]

Pineapple Pen Online

Do you remember the popular song Pineapple Pen? Do you want to try to this game [...]

Monkey Banana Jump

This is a jumping endless game. The monkey is hungry. You need to control him to [...]

Match The Fruit

Match The Fruit is a cute cognitive game for free. Can you find the same fruits [...]